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Oregon wing reviews

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Deschutes Brewery
901 SW Simpson Avenue
The Gulliver's says,"Just as I was going to give up on Oregon, I found this Nirvana of wings and beer! But these tasted GREAT. They are hot enough for the average person and taste GREAT. Pretty standard bleu cheese and plenty of carrots and celery. Deschutes is the biggest of the Oregon micro-breweries, and their stuff is on tap in almost every restaurant and bar in the state. At their home in Bend, you have the advantage of getting beer in the original CASK! For those who are unfamiliar with this, it is an order of magnitude fresher and richer than out of a keg (think how keg beer compares to cans, then picture the same relationship between cask and keg). WOW! The beer here is SOOOOOO much better than the same brews served via regular keg in other establishments. They also have an enormous menu with food of all styles, and a sports section with big screen. I can say this is the best place for wings I have yet found in this state, and among the best for beer."